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Traditional Scottish Smoked Salmon,

Smoked Trout ( Loch Etive Trout)

Smoked Haddock (Finnan Haddies )

Arbroath Smokies ( Haddock)

  Kippers Whole pairs & fillets




Imported Overnight from Scotland for delivery in the USA from:

The Inverawe Smokehouses, Taynuilt, Argyllshire, Scotland.


For family gatherings and Holiday parties consider our 1- kilo packs of smoked salmon - fillet meat, thinly sliced and arranged on a gold board - no skin, no brown meat and no waste- just succulent and full of flavor- everything smoked salmon should be- see details below.

Air-shipped, freshly smoked - NOT previously frozen.

 Caught in Scottish waters, cured, smoked and packed by Scottish artisans.

.The true taste of Scotland, not merely "smoked in the Scottish manner ".

Flown directly to us in Maryland from Scotland for delivery throughout the U.S.A.

Air-shipped Glasgow - London - arriving Baltimore (BWI ) next day where we meet the flight!


Toll free 800-278-4050  

Local telephone: 301 924 0595 or 301-924-2085

Fax:  301 924 2085



Inverawe products


We are located in Olney, Maryland where for the past twenty five years we have been air-shipping fresh Scottish smoked salmon and trout into BWI Airport, Baltimore,Maryland from the west coast of Scotland. Currently we import four to five shipments per year to coincide with national holidays The first one of the season is mid-November for Thanksgiving, December two or three shipments for Christmas, Hanakkah and New Year celebrations and Spring in time for Easter and the Spring Holidays.

We do not ship over the hot months of summer.  Many of our customers buy extra fish to freeze from the Spring shipment. All our fish freeze extremely well for approx. 6 months but for best results they should be put into the freezer on arrival to capture the freshness.  I receive my shipments the day after they are despatched from Scotland and make every effort to send the next mailing day to customers in the USA.  

All our fish are award-winning products of the Inverawe Smokehouses, Taynuilt, Argyllshire.  A family business established in 1974, on the shores of the Loch Etive, Inverawe is a favorite of gourmets globally, supplier to H.M.Queen Elizabeth ll, and we are proud to offer their superb quality items listed below:

Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout, Smoked Haddock (Finnan Haddies), Arbroath Smokies,and Kippers 

The salmon and trout come in sliced packs of 400g, 200g, and 100g.  Salmon also comes in large party-size 1 kilo sliced packs and 750+g sides, sliced or unsliced Trout also come in the 400g, 200g and 100g packs and 680g sliced sides - new to us this year.  See the other fish sizes below.

If you are planning to buy we would appreciate if you contact us well in advance so we can include your order in our shipment, otherwise we may not be able to supply you in time for your event. All our fish freeze very successfully and many of our customers stock up on the Spring shipment for use over the Summer.  

For more information please contact us any time                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Etta MacKay                                                                                                                                                                      :




400g sliced, Traditional Smoked Salmon .....$60.50

200g pack $33.50,  100g pack $19.00

Larger Salmon

- One kilo sliced, (fillet meat, no skin, no brown meat or waste) $133.00

* +750 gram sliced or trimmed (unsliced ) sides .........$ 110.00


400g sliced, Traditional Smoked Loch Etive Trout .....$58.50

200g pack $32.50,  100g  pack $18.50

NEW *680 gram sliced side ....$90.00

 * "SIDE" is a fillet or one side of a fish . Approx.  weight is 750gram, long sliced, with skin. Please call for additional information.


(Minimum order  2 packs)


            Smoked Haddock ( 250g fillet & 350g fillets) ..................$15.50 & $19.50)

              Arbroath Smokies (350g pair) ............................$23.50

                  Kippers pair (400 - 500g)...................................................$25.00

                    NEW Kipper fillets (160g) .........12.00

* Special shipping note: Apart from a few local addresses all kippers, smoked haddock and smokies are shipped Overnight



(Applicable states) :  CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI,VA, VT, WV

per 1 lb. of fish ...............................................$17.50 (minimum)

    per  2 lb. of fish (same box) ...................................$17.95 (minimum)         

                                                                                                           All other states use 2nd Day Air or Overnight                       

2nd DAY AIR  

per 1 lb. of fish ........................$21.50 (minimum - east coast)     Mid-west + west coast *

per 2 lb. of fish (same box) ........$23.50 (minimum -east coast)        Mid-west + west coast *


per 1 lb. of fish ..............................$30.50 (minimum - east coast)      Mid-west + west coast *   

per 2 lb. of fish (same box) ..........$34.00 (minimum - east coast)        Mid-west + west coast * 

* Long-distance-based shipping prices apply 

Please ask for quote


 Call toll free 1-800-278-4050  Email:  



Phone:     In DC Metropolitan area: 301-924-0595 or 301-924-2085

Toll free: 1-800-278-4050

Fax 301-924-2085


Order Form for Fax or Email:   Prices & FAX order form



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 Between shipments we can send a Salmon Card with your greetings, telling the recipient that a gift of Scottish Smoked Salmon or Trout has been ordered and will be mailed when the next shipment arrives.

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