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Tobermory Smoked Salmon cured with Tobermory Single Malt Whisky

Revised October 15th, 2010

We are proud to announce a salmon cure using Tobermory Single Malt Whisky.  Ledaig Distillery on the Isle of Mull was built in 1798 in the newly built port of Tobermory, now a center for Hebridean fishing and yachting communities. The distillery also produces another 15 and 20 year old single malt called  Ledaig, pronounced "Layjack". The name Ledaig translated from the Gaelic means "low-lying flat ground near the sea" and Tobar-Mhaire (Tobermory) means "Mary's Well". Read more about the single malt whiskies at the Malt Advocate's Whisk(e)y Pages .   


To read the latest news about the two single malt whiskies from the Isle of Mull - Tobermory and Ledaig - go to the Malt Advocate's April issue, page 22.

Note:  Look for John Hansell's remarks on Tobermory Smoked Salmon in the April 1998 issue, page 52.

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What people are saying

John Hansell of the Malt Advocate writes in the April 1998 issue's NEW PRODUCTS (Other Pleasures) feature:  "These delicious prime pieces of smoked Scottish salmon and trout from the Scottish Smoked Salmon Co. are air-shipped to the U.S. for nationwide delivery.  You can even buy one variety that is aged in Tobermory Scotch Whisky. Just the thing for your next malt tasting!"

 Rebecca Grey includes Scottish Smoked Salmon Co. in her "Must Try List" which she considers the "best of the best".   On page 181 of her sourcebook "Fabulous Foods By Mail" she comments on our smoked salmon including the single malt whisky cured Tobermory Smoked Salmon:  "This is lovely, delicate smoked salmon.  I really liked the Tobermory salmon marinated in the Tobermory Single-Malt Scotch. This was quite unusual and very special . "

In the October 1997 issue of  Washingtonian executive food and wine editor Tom Head says he "... likes smoked salmon cured in Tobermory Single Malt Whisky from the Isle of Mull".

From  The Chicago Tribune  September 24, 1997   "Tasters liked the fresh flavor of Tobermory Fish Farm's smoked salmon from Scotland.  The salmon gets added flavor from single malt whisky."  under the heading  "TIPSY  SALMON"!

" LADDIE IT'S SALMON FROM SCOTLAND"!,  Maureen Clancy of  the  San Diego Union Tribune  September 24, 1997 writes  " ...The Scottish Smoked Salmon Co., (which) delivers silken smoked salmon and trout, lightly smoked with island woods, to U.S. customers.  The plain Tobermory salmon has a smooth texture and delicate, smoke-enhanced flavor;  the smoked salmon marinated in Tobermory Single Malt Whisky has an additional layer of tangy yet subtle flavor".

The Baltimore Sun  November 19,1997 in the A LA CARTE section, Elizabeth Large writes "Etta MacKay a k a the Salmon Lady, sells a fine holiday gift ....".

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Revised October 15th, 2010

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